10 Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening or Ascension

We are living in a time where it is becoming increasingly normal for people to embrace their spiritual sides.  Even people that would not normally use the label of spirituality are open to concepts such as finding their life’s purpose and trusting their own intuition.

Although we live in a world where science, logic and rationality are revered, many people are left questioning the way we are told to live our life.  No matter how hard they try to avoid it, the question “there’s got to be more to life than this?” niggles away at them.

More and more people are awakening spiritually and are longing for more than is available in the material world.  The runaway success of “The Secret” DVD, goes to show that the world is ready to embrace universal laws and has been left wanting more.

Spiritual emergence or ascension is subtle by nature, subtle energy shifts which raise your vibration with huge physical impacts.  It is also a personal journey that differs from person to person but I hope my experience of it will be of use to you.

Here are 10 signs of spiritual awakening or ascension symptoms that I discovered during my spiritually awakening:

1. Emotional rollercoaster

You may find yourself touched and on the verge of tears more often than usual.  Crying at the drop of a hat over the news or a display of sentiment that you would not have cried over before is common. You may also find yourself to be more aggressive or angry with people.  Some days you will feel depressed and other days full of joy.  You truly feel the full range of emotions and yes it is draining, but it’s happening for a reason.  Stay present to the feelings, feel them fully and they will pass.

2. Stronger connection to nature

Previously your attitude to nature may have been “take it or leave it”.  Now, you have a deep appreciation for all of nature, the colours and the shapes. You start to welcome the seasons whereas you used to dread winter. You may also start to like animals you never liked before.  I developed a love of cats, much to the amusement of my friends who knew I couldn’t stand them before.  You’re changing and becoming more accepting of things for what they are.

3. Changes in energy levels

One day you are bouncing off the walls, another day you can’t even get out of bed!  You’ve got to roll with this one as much as you can.  Sleep, rest or chill on the down days and flow with the energy on the high days.  Try and eat healthily and try not to stress or feel guilty, it will stabilise.

4. A feeling that something has changed within you

You simply feel different, you may not look any different but you know something has changed internally.  Your old ways are falling by the wayside and the real you is starting to emerge.

5. Sudden awareness of recurring patterns or relationships

You may have been living out the same old patterns for decades but suddenly you become aware of it.  You may realise that you always destroy what you create, always pick unavailable partners or always attract dependant people – the list is endless.  This is great, becoming aware is the first step in eradicating it.

6. Food intolerances, allergies and cravings

As you are becoming more sensitive to energy, your body may start to react to foods you have always eaten and/or you may start to crave something different.  The intolerances and allergies may not be permanent so remove them from your diet for a few months and try again later.  The cravings may be what your body needs so go with it and trust your body to communicate what it requires.

7. A desire to “find yourself”, change your social group, behaviour, job etc.

Your material needs have been met and there is still a longing for more.  You may start to question who you really are and start to see that your current life may not have been a conscious choice and is more of a by product.  Before you can consciously choose you may find yourself stripping away layers to reconnect with you, the spiritual you.

8. An increase in occurrences of coincidence

Better known as synchronicity, favourable people and beneficial circumstance start to appear with exactly what you need.  Answers to questions are revealed to you through signs and messages.  Synchronicity is a sign you are on the right track and that you are aware of these miracles happening around you.  The more you notice and take heed, the more they appear so show appreciation for the guidance you are receiving.

9. Quicker manifestations

Spiritual awakening raises your vibration; this involves a release of blockages which allows abundance to flow to you.  Being in alignment with a higher vibration results in quicker and more beneficial manifestations to be received by you.  Be aware of your thoughts so you get what you really want or better.

10. A change in what you read, hobbies etc

You are changing for the better; you are heading for a life of deeper fulfilment and purpose.  As you do you will find different ways to pass the time and may not enjoy things you have always done as much anymore.  It’s fine, new pastimes will interest you just be open to what comes your way.

Change and growth are taking place; the discomfort you experience is increased by resistance.  Know that all is exactly as it should be and you are having the human experience of growth, let go and roll with it.  When discomfort strikes, ask yourself where or what you are resisting and let it go.  They say the darkest part of the night is just before dawn, so know that it’s for good.

Expert Author Lola Fayemi

Lola Fayemi is a Lifestyle Coach that helps people to *shine* and unleash their potential without selling their soul. She supports her clients to create vibrant and fabulous lifestyles in harmony with their true nature. More information on Lola can be found at http://www.alignedandthriving.com where you can sign-up for her free ebook ‘5 Steps to Living the Life You Really Want’.


This is a good article that explains some of the possible signs or symptoms of the spiritual awakening or ascension process.  I like it because it provides the information in straight forward, clear and easy to understand manner.   This is important, as some information on this topic can be confusing, too vague or overly complicated.  It is an overview or introduction of the information, which helps you to understand or put into context, what you may be experiencing.

As the author Lola indicates, everyone’s journey of awakening spiritually is very individual and different.  You may experience all of these symptoms and more or you may only experience some of these signs during your ascension.  You may even experience completely different signs and symptoms.  They may occur quickly, over a short period of time or gradually, over a longer period of time.  One way is no better than another, so allow the process to unfold naturally.  You can of course learn more information through research, people, books or seminars and consciously do things to help the process such as meditation.  The most important aspect is to listen to, trust and follow your intuition to guide you through the process.

In my opinion, all of the signs that are indicated in the article are good, relevant and true or possible.  If, or when, you feel a stronger connection to nature, it is very good for you to follow that feeling and actually spend more time in nature.  Go to a park, go for a hike, spend time near the water, sit or lay down on the grass or earth or simply appreciate the beauty of a tree, flower or bird.

The increased sensitivity to food is also important to listen to and make the relevant dietary changes.  Different foods have different energy vibrations which in turn affect your energy vibration.  One significant aspect of the spiritual awakening process is the raising of your energy vibration.  Your body will give you feedback as to what it wants and does not want.  You can track the food you eat and how you feel afterwards,  to help you identify which foods to eat or not.

You can also use muscle testing to help you identify what foods to eat or not.  A simple method is to hold the food item in one hand and rub the index finger and thumb of your other hand together.  Ask the question mentally or out loud, “is this good for me to eat”, while rubbing your finger and thumb together.  If the movement is smooth and easy the answer is yes.  If the movement feels rough, sticky, “gummy” or your finger and thumb become “stuck” together, the answer is no.  Practice this, as it really works and is fun!

I had to change my diet as part of my spiritual awakening process, which entailed eliminating red meat, alcohol and dairy products from my diet.  This enabled me to raise my energy vibration in order to communicate with and channel different spiritual beings like angels, ascended masters and more.  It has been an interesting journey!

There are no coincidences.  So, when these events of synchronicity happen, be sure to pay attention as there is generally a meaning, message or lesson within it.  These events can also happen more often, if you ask God, the universe or your spirit guides for help or guidance.  As you become more awakened spiritually you see and notice these events more.  Especially pay attention if the same type of coincidence happens 3 or more times, as this is clearly a message and sign about something you need to do or listen to.  For example, I have had 3 different people recommend the same book, movie or place to me on 3 separate occasions, within 1 week.  Pay attention and take action on the guidance.  You will be lead to the next piece of your spiritual awakening puzzle.

Some of the other signs and symptoms that you may experience include:
  1. A dissatisfaction with your current situation such as relationship, friendships, job or the location that you live.  You have a intuitive feeling that you need to end your relationship, set limits with or let go of negative friendships, leave your job  or move to a different place, as it “feels” wrong, even though you may have difficulty explaining why.  These situations are your choices, so they may be difficult to deal with.  They usually bring up feelings of fear and doubt, so trusting them and taking action on them can be challenging.
  2. You may be experiencing tragedy, loss, upset or turmoil in some or even all areas of your life.  This is when life forces you into change.  You get fired from your job.  Your partner leaves you.  You experience a great loss such as the death of a family member, friend or pet.  You may be involved in an accident, tragedy or natural disaster that causes physical or health challenges.  You may be struggling financially, emotionally, physically or mentally.  These situations push you to search for meaning and understanding about why these events are happening, who you are, what is important to you and what your purpose is.
  3. Your spiritual or psychic abilities will begin to awaken and develop.  The 4 main ones are clairvoyance (spiritual sight), clairaudience (spiritual hearing), claircognizance (spiritual knowing) and clairsentience (spiritual feeling).  This is where your ability to see and communicate with spiritual and angelic beings develops.  You may hear your name called but “noone is there” or you may “see” things or people that are not present physically.  You are not going crazy.  You are actually improving and developing new abilities to communicate in a new way.  It like learning any new skill or language as it requires practice to learn and do.
  4. You feel a strong draw or pull to do something specific. This will most likely lead you to discovering your life purpose.  This may be something completely different than you do now and you may not understand it but it feels good or right for some reason.  It could be some form of healing or connecting people or energy work or related to animals etc.  Again, trust and follow these feelings.
If you have not already, I believe that everyone, including you,  will experience some or even possibly all of these signs and symptoms sooner or later.  This will happen even if you do not believe it, as it is part of a huge cosmic shift that is beyond our control.  I know this may sound difficult to believe but we are going through the next stage of evolution.  We are experiencing a raising of our consciousness and this process will intensify and affect more people the closer we get to the infamous date of December 21, 2012.  If  you resist, deny or fight this energetic wave of positive growth, you will simply experience more difficulty, challenge, turmoil and pain in your life.

So, a big part of this shift is letting go of the old and embracing the new.  We need to learn how to accept and surrender to the process, how to cope with and adapt to the changes, how to develop and embrace new, better ways of doing things.  It is natural to experience fear, anxiety and doubt during this time but important to trust your feelings, be true to yourself and courageous to make the important changes in your life.

The author of the above article only briefly mentions a symptom of a desire to change your social group.  This warrants more discussion, as it is more important.  As you go through these different changes, other people in your life may not understand, agree with, support, be interested in or believe in your new experiences, interests and ideas.  They can sometimes make fun of you or discount your experiences, which can be hurtful.  As a result, you may feel alone or isolated.  This is why it is important to seek out and connect with like-minded people to talk about and share your new experiences and interests.  You can support each other as you go through the process and work toward fulfilling your true life purpose.  Look for spiritual groups online and in your local city.  An excellent resource for  this is www.meetup.com as I believe it is global and has tons of groups that meet on many different spiritual topics, as well as many other interests.  If you happen to be in the Hamilton/Burlington/Toronto area of Ontario, Canada, I invite you to check out my group called  SPIRITUAL AWAKENING

So, be aware of this spiritual awakening process and I encourage you to journal about your experiences, to help you document and understand your journey to becoming more spiritually aware and personally empowered to make positive changes in your life.  The more you do and the more you connect with other like-minded, spiritual people, the sooner we can all work together to create a better world, filled with more love, peace and harmony.  It is an exciting time, as we are evolving to a new and better way of being and living.

Feel free to post your comments and/or contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.  You can contact me through the “CONTACT” tab at the top right of the page and filling in the boxes for info or email me at dortmund888@gmail.com.  Take care
and may you CHOOSE to have an amazing day!


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  • holy cow! I am suddenly a fan of this show. Nice pics.

  • Hello Brenda, Thank you for your comments. An analogy that I like to use for spiritual awakening is that it can be like being in spiritual school. The lessons are repeated until we learn them and change our behavior. We must follow our intuition to make the changes that are relevant for us, since everyone is different. A big part of it is releasing or letting go of our past traumas and emotional attachments, simply by choosing to do so. Do more of the activities that you enjoy and make you feel good as often as possible. The process is like the transition of the caterpillar to a butterfly. When the caterpillar goes into the cocoon, it probably feels like it is dying, as it has to let go of everything, only to emerge as the beautiful butterfly. Keep the faith and remember that we need to clear the slate and create space for new things to come into our life. Namaste. Dortmund

  • breda moran:


    Certainly this spiritual transition can be very,very challenging indeed and I have found it to be a very prolonged ascension one!.In many ways it seems as if I have been going through it since birth!.All symptoms mentioned in the article do affect some individuals but in my experience symptoms are very deeply felt and are as much removed from the superficial as is possible.Often there are no words that can adequately describe the emotional pain and angst of the roller coaster and I only hope for everyone that they make an easier passage from one level of existence to another.My wish for humanity is for full peace after so much turmoil,loss,loneliness , strife and the dark night of the soul.It seems that we have created the worst nightmare for ourselves and at times I wonder if we can be certifiable in spirit!.


  • You are very welcome and I am happy that you like it! Remember to always trust and follow your intuition.

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